Best AI startup in India

In The Vast Sea Of Data, Prizmatics Acts As A Light House & Assists It's Clients To Obtain Insights Using AI and Big Data
Best Image Analytics Startup in India
Our Team Provides Right Mix Of Youthful Innovation and Deep Technical Experience To Generate Outstanding Solutions
Best Text Analytics Startup in India
We Can Help You Ride The Data Deluge, Rather Than Get Drowned In It
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We are ready to help you with AI Innovation Big Data Business Analytics Dashboard Management

AI Innovation

Artificial Intelligence is a modern world epitome of Wheel. It is going to bring an unprecedented revolution in mankind’s advancement. Prizmatics is the leading Artificial Intelligence Startup in India developing awesome products in the field of Image Analytics and Text Analytics for global clients

Text Analytics

We do sentiment analysis and obtain detail information from a huge amount of text data. Specific results and Insights will take you towards better decision-making process

Image & Video Analytics

A high amount of data is stored in the form of Image and Video. We at Prizmatics have mounted the accuracy greater than 95% with advance AI & ML algorithms


Our team understands that the ultimate goal of IoT is understanding people rather than things. We achieve this through built-in home high accuracy solutions

Big Data

We help you in using Big Data technologies to discover a wealth of strategic value in data that varies in structure, complexity, and size. Along with the data management, we help you with Big Data Consultation

AI @ Scale

High precision and accuracy in AI related products require a tremendous amount of data. We obtain specific result through the implementation of Big Data in AI

Building Big Data Capability

Prizmatics help your organization in developing and managing the big data platforms. These platforms are used to get the data managed and to derive insights from these data

Data Lake

We help you in taking your raw data and convert it into structured data. So that this processed structured data can be used for prediction, forecasting and decision making

Business Analytics & Business Intelligence

Prizmatics helps its client to evaluate and implement BI and reporting solutions best suited according to the organizational requirement. Prizmatics implements Advance Analytics to bring intelligence to the clients business

Optimization & Forecasting

We strongly believe that “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. Hence we will help you monitor RoI of critical business decisions

Predictive Analytics

We specialize in creating advanced predictive analytics and insights solutions using data science, to provide you decision support

Data Management

We support you in refining your available enterprise data to make it analysis ready, or even collect it afresh where needed.

Our Clients

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